Flexor 150BI from the IQ Series - Repairing rolls has never been easier!

The Flexor 150BI is used to repair bad rewound rolls. This special machine is used for repairing rolls which during the rewinding process were not rewound correctly. The special construction and the sophisticated technical solution allows the operator to just turn the machine on and it will automatically wind the roll one way and then the other. The “Sandwich” webguide will guide and correct the web in both directions allowing to repair a web displacement of up to 40mm!

Product features:

"Sandwich" Webguide

  • A bi-directional “Sandwich” Webguide can repair faults of up to 40mm in each direction
  • Fully automatic switch over between left and right web direction
  • Intelligent feedback given so that machines stops when no correction needed

Intelligent Rewinder

  • Changeable unwind and rewind shafts
  • Fully servo driven rewinder and unwinder
  • Fully automatic start and stop

Servo Technology / S-Drive

  • S-Drive machines will make your production lean, quick, reliable and ultra fast
  • Accurate tenstion control settings, automatic and safe slow down and start up for any label length
  • Online Diagnostics


Max. Web Width150 mm
5.91 in
Max. Machine Speed150 mpm
492.12 fpm
Max. Unwind Diameter450
Max. Rewind Diameter on Single Rewinder450 mm
17.72 in
Size L x D x H1300x1550x1550
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