The FLEXI CORE CUTTER 1200CC gives you the flexibility to cut your cores quick and easy by yourself

The Flexi Core Cutter 1200CC is an efficient tool for precision cutting of differnt core sizes. It's really simple to use and operator-safe. The core cutter works in a semi-automatic mode. The rotation of the core starts automatically as soon as the operator lowers the cutting knife. At same time the operator pushes the core by the second hand towards the cutting knife.

Product features:

Core Cutting

  • Easy to use by everyone
  • Adapters for various core diameters available
  • Solid construction


SpecificationFLEXI CORE CUTTER 1200CC
Max. length of the initial core1000 mm
39.37 in
Max. thickness of the core8 mm
0.31 in
Max. Roll weight250 kg
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