• BC Series
    BC SERIES - sophisticated inspection, slitting and rewinding with optional Camera inspection
  • CT Series
    CT SERIES - Efficient blank label production with the optional re-register functionality
  • xCUT Series
    Affordable digital conversion for anyone! Optional inline printing with almost any inkjet digital printer!
  • SH Series
    SH SERIES - Sheet any size label incl. A4 / SRA3 / A5. Experience the highly efficient, industrial A4 production!
  • IQ Series
    Sophisticated design and functionality with advanced features - Do More!
  • IS Series
    100% Inspection for Costmetic and Pharmaceutical Labels - High Speed, High Quality, High Productivity
  • Peripherals
    Roll Lifters, Roll Carts, Core Cutters - Simple things that make life a bit more easier for a reasonable price.
  • ECO Series
    Low cost solutions helping to manufacture labels more efficiently
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“Our machines are adapted to you, so you don’t have to adapt to them!”

Every Flexor machine is built to order. Our mechanical design team will work with you closely to provide a machine which meets your specific requirements. We stand out from the crowd because of our unique and flexible approach. This is all made possible by having the full design, build & testing process in-house.