BST International GmbH

Precise webguiding with minimal space requirements – BST Compact web guides are used on all FLEXOR machines.

CTC International Ltd.

EMIS Ltd. is the official partner for CTC in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Germany. CTC and EMIS have agreed upon a cooperation for the manufacturing of turret rewinders for the European market at the EMIS plant where the successful FLEXOR line of slitter rewinder is being manufactured.

 Double E International

Expanding shafts of up to 160mm diameter, core chuks and other paper handling equipment – All FLEXOR® machines use DOUBLE E components.

Festo Poland

Festo is a worldwide leading supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology.
– All FLEXOR® machines are equipped with FESTO products, we make no compromises to quality!

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leading company in servo motor technology. All Flexor machines use Mitsubishi’s full automation program and can be maintained over the internet.

Sick Poland

Sensors, encoders and automation equipment – All FLEXOR machines are equipped with high end SICK sensors and encoders.