Produce sheets of the most popular sizes like A4/A5/SRA3 with one colour

The Flexor SH Series is made for customers who need to manufacture Sheeted Labels using an optional one colour flexo station. This machine can produce labels in sizes like A5, A4, A3 and SRA3. It is fully servo driven and requires almost no maintenance due to its unique design features with less mechanical parts.

Product features:


  • Double A4 Production with 440mm wide machine
  • Print – Die Cut – Sheet in one run
  • A4, A5, SRA3 – almost any size is possible
  • Up to 110m/min two lane A4 production!

Die Cutting

  • Double Die Cutting Unit for easy production of almost any sheeted label
  • Re-register can be added to allow sheeting to a preprinted black mark
  • Rotometrics Hydrajacks pressure gauges can be fitted at any time

Flexo Printing

  • Servo Driven Flexo Printing Unit for flood coating or inprint
  • Easy to change Print Cylinders
  • Turnbar available for reverse printing
  • Easy to adjust, very precise

Shingle Stream Delivery

  • Motor driven shingle stream delivery table
  • Build in batch counter
  • Additional touch panel on the table

Servo Technology / S-Drive

  • S-Drive machines will make your production lean, quick, reliable and ultra fast
  • Accurate tenstion control settings, automatic and safe slow down and start up for any label length
  • Online Diagnostics
  • Job Memory for up to 250 Jobs

Build in IQ

  • All SH Series machines have build in counters for labels and meters/feet
  • A dedicated Counters screen shows the daily production, life time, run time, switch on time making job calculations easy and reliable
  • No more setting label lengths, the machine will automatically calculate it and adjust the start up and slow down ramps


Max. Web Width280 mm
11.02 in
380 mm
14.96 in
440 mm
17.32 in
Max. Machine Speed130 mpm
426.50 fpm
130 mpm
426.50 fpm
130 mpm
426.50 fpm
Max. Unwind Diameterup to 1000mm / 40inchup to 1000mm / 40inchup to 1000mm / 40inch
Max. Magnetic Cylinder Size20 inch / 160 Teeth24inch / 192 Teeth24inch / 192 Teeth
Min. Magnetic Cylinder Size8inch / 64 Teeth10inch / 80 Teeth12inch / 96 Teeth
Size L x D x H4550x1300x19504550x1400x19504550x1500x1950
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“Our machines are adapted to you, so you don’t have to adapt to them!”

Every Flexor machine is built to order. Our mechanical design team will work with you closely to provide a machine which meets your specific requirements. We stand out from the crowd because of our unique and flexible approach. This is all made possible by having the full design, build & testing process in-house.