Economical Die Cutting and Finishing Machines

The Flexor ECO Series die cutting machines are the perfect choice for small companies who are starting with their blank label production or who want to convert labels economically. The machine features everything needed to manufacture blank labels without the need of a lot of training and experience. It is build with high quality components and features all FLEXOR specific advantages like extremely accurate matrix tension control system, easy to access crush cutting knives, robust die cutting unit, and ergonomic design.

Product features:

Die Cutting

  • Single Die Cutting Unit for easy production of almost any label
  • Quick change of magnetic cylinders
  • Rotometrics Hydrajacks pressure gauges can be fitted at any time


  • Crush knife slitting makes knife changes easy and quick
  • Slitting between two driven NIP Rollers makes it effortless and easy to setup allowing the operator to rewind lose rolls without compromosing slitting quality
  • Easy to replace and accurate during slitting


  • The Flexor ECO Series offers you a single motor driven rewinder as a standard feature, it comes with a 76mm pneumatic shaft which is within second changeable to any size from 19mm – 152mm
  • Rewind label in and label out
  • Accurate rewind tension control easy controlable by the operator

Added Value

  • Label Counter and meter counter integrated 
  • Adjustable Rotometrics Accustrike Anvil
  • Underscorer from Rotometrics can be installed before die cutter
  • Webguide as an option


Max. Web Width270 mm
10.63 in
330 mm
12.99 in
Max. Machine Speed120 mpm
393.70 fpm
120 mpm
393.70 fpm
Max. Unwind Diameterup to 700mm / 27.5inchup to 700mm / 27.5inch
Max. Rewind Diameter on Single Rewinder350 mm
13.78 in
350 mm
13.78 in
Min. slitting width with Crush knives20 mm
0.79 in
20 mm
0.79 in
Max. Magnetic Cylinder Size16 inch / 128 Teeth16inch / 128 Teeth
Min. Magnetic Cylinder Size8inch / 64 Teeth8inch / 64 Teeth
Size L x D x H1800x750x19001800x900x1900
Ready to get started?

“Our machines are adapted to you, so you don’t have to adapt to them!”

Every Flexor machine is built to order. Our mechanical design team will work with you closely to provide a machine which meets your specific requirements. We stand out from the crowd because of our unique and flexible approach. This is all made possible by having the full design, build & testing process in-house.