Fully Servo Inspection – Slitter – Rewinder for the Labels Industry

The Flexor 540 Series is build for customers who demand quality, speed and efficiency. The 540 B Series works up to 320m/min and converts pre-printed label stock, offset and thermo paper with ease and speed. A quick delivery time and almost no training required makes it a highly sought after product in the FLEXOR range.

Product features:

Servo Technology / S-Drive

  • S-Drive machines will make your production lean, quick, reliable and ultra fast
  • Accurate tenstion control settings, automatic and safe slow down and start up for any label length
  • Online Diagnostics
  • Unlimited Job Memory

Build in IQ

  • All BC Series machines have build in counters for labels and meters/feet
  • A dedicated Counters screen shows the daily production, life time, run time, switch on time making job calculations easy and reliable
  • No more setting label lengths, the machine will automatically calculate it and adjust the start up and slow down ramps


  • Cassette type slitting makes knife changes easy and quick
  • Slitting cassette exchangeable for shear cutting knives and razor knives
  • Set your knives outside the machine on a dedicated knife block which corresponds to the machine knife cassette
  • Slitting between two driven NIP Rollers makes it effortless and easy to setup allowing the operator to rewind lose rolls without compromosing slitting quality


  • The Flexor BC Series offers you a single servo driven rewinder as a standard feature, it comes with a 76mm pneumatic shaft which is within second changeable to any size from 19mm – 152mm
  • Optional Double rewinder for those tough jobs which cannot be rewound using just one rewinder
  • The optional Semi Turret speeds up the rewinding process significantly making the machine even more productive without investing into a full blown turret rewinder machine


Max. Web Width540 mm
21.26 in
Max. Unwind Diameter1000
Max. Rewind Diameter on Single Rewinder450 mm
17.72 in
Max. Rewinder Diameter on Double Rewinder350 mm
13.78 in
Max. Machine Speed300 mpm
984.24 fpm
Min. Slitting Width with Shear Knives20 mm
0.79 in
Ready to get started?

“Our machines are adapted to you, so you don’t have to adapt to them!”

Every Flexor machine is built to order. Our mechanical design team will work with you closely to provide a machine which meets your specific requirements. We stand out from the crowd because of our unique and flexible approach. This is all made possible by having the full design, build & testing process in-house.