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2nd installation at Froben Druck, Germany

Froben Druck GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Ottersberg, Germany Froben Druck have recently purchased their second FLEXOR converting machine. The FLEXOR 440B with a Jumbo Unwind for 42inch rolls is a work horse for day to day slitting and rewind jobs. It is already Froben Drucks seccond machine from FLEXOR, the first one being a FLEXOR 440C Jumbo with a die cutting station and a re-register function to die cut pre-printed label stock. The machine was delivered and installed in February this year and has since then been producing in a highly demanding environment without any problems. “We are proud that a well known company like Froben Druck have decided to follow up their first purchase with yet another FLEXOR converting machine”, says Adam Robak, International Sales Director at FLEXOR,” we are a well established brand now on the German market and are trying to improve our products and our customer service every day.”