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New Product: Flexor xCUT

FLEXOR is happy to anounce the launch of a new product, the FLEXOR xCUT.

The FLEXOR xCUT is a 250mm wide semi rotary die cutting mahine which can be used inline with any lose web digital printer like the Afinia L801 Memjet powered printer. The build in unwind, laminator and fully servo driven die cutting unit along with accurate scissor slitting knive and an easy to use rewinder make the machine the perfect companion for any office, print shop or brand owner who wants to bring printing in house. The machine is so easy to setup that a one day training is enough to train and run the first jobs. With a 220V/1p supply and no air required this is the perfect machine for any Memjet printer owner.

For further information please contact the FLEXOR Sales Team directly by clicking the GET IN TOUCH button or visit the product webpage: FLEXOR xCUT