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New Installation: Ellinotipiki S.A., Greece

Warsaw, Poland February 12, 2015: EMIS Ltd, based in Warsaw, Poland and manufacturer of the FLEXOR line of inspection slitters, rewinders and die cutting machines has announced a new installation of a Flexor CT Series machine at Ellinotipiki from Athens, Greece.

Ellinotipiki est. 1994 in Athens, Greece is a leader and innovator in the Greek Label Industry investing in the latest technology to establish the company as one of the small but very promising, eminent enterprises that truly matter to the most demanding customer need in the labels industry.

The Flexor CT Series with a semi turret rewinder is a highly efficient servo driven machine with the ability to manufacture almost any blank label. It can be used as a standard slitter rewinder / inspection machine or as a die cutting machine. The semi turret makes it highly cross-functional providing the operator the possibility to run small runs as well as long runs effectively.

“This sale shows that even in countries that have struggled most during the global recession the market situation is getting better and more stable with investments being made to secure the future of SMEs,” says Adam Robak, Sales Director at EMIS Ltd.

“We are astounded by the high productivity of the machine, as well as of the potential that it has, to die cut every special shape and every adhesive material without problems. It is also worth mentioning that the quality of the construction is the most solid we had seen during our two year market search and compared to other similar machines of the competition, something that, along with the possibility to customize the machine to our needs and expectations, helped our final decision to choose the Flexor,” says Thomas Nitsos, CEO at Ellinotipiki.