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Label Expo USA 2012 – Wrap up

EMIS Ltd., September 21.09.2012, Warsaw, Poland: The Label EXPO 2012 USA has come to an end. The show was a full success for the small team of CTC International, the Flexor agent in the USA and Canada, and for FLEXOR. Adam Robak, International Sales Director at FLEXOR, attended the show to help CTC with the crowd which were interested in the latest FLEXOR and CTC developments. A big interest was given to the new IQ Series and especially the Hybrid machine which is able to run from roll to roll AND from roll to sheet. This unique solution puts FLEXOR in the number one spot without any competition.

On the picture from left to right:
Rich Herbert, Sales Director at CTC
Rob Keuhlen, Sales Manager at CTC
Adam Robak, International Sales Director at FLEXOR